About us

With 15 years of experience Football Spoken is, today, the only team of professionals in the world of football which allow you to earn a diploma or a certificate of level in the field of football.

Many players, coaches, fitness coaches and football related staff (secretaries, accountants, lawyers) have studied with Football Spoken. Every day our teams teach football English to students who want to progress both personally and professionally. The French Football Federation, La Fédération Française de Football, L’Olympique de Marseille, le Paris Saint-Germain, le Servette de Genève, l’UNECATEF, l’Impact de Montréal among others have placed their trust in Football Spoken.

Guarantee of quality

As a partner of Ulster University, Football Spoken allows you to broaden your professional prospects.

2 university modules and 1 certificate:

Our course can earn you University credits (5 or 10): a recognized guarantee of competency, these university modules guarantee the level for the student and the employer.

Our diploma courses last 5 months and include 10 telephone or video call sessions of 30 minutes each.

A certificate will be given for the completion of the course.

University credits will be issued upon successful completion of the exam.

1 Unique International certification

The first global certification in the specific field of football and its professional environment, our certificate provides an objective assessment of the level of technical competence in the English language.