With Football-Spoken move a step further:

Our courses can lead you to obtain a certificate from Ulster University and the validation of University Credits (5 and 10 credits) on two levels: this constitutes a real asset to prove language abilities in the technical field of football.

Our courses potentially giving access to the university credits last 5 months including ten 30-minute-one-on-one oral sessions.

The aim of this course is to help the football technician to evolve in an English-speaking or international football environment and to communicate with other foreign players.

Mastering professional English relating to your professional activity is the target.

Our courses focus on mastering on technical vocabulary, increasing your reactivity, anticipation and coordination on and off the pitch.

Our diploma courses, which include 10 telephone or video call sessions of 30 minutes each, offer:

  • Autonomous learning of grammar and vocabulary
  • Assisted development of speaking and writing skills

Content :

  • Dynamic contents regularly updated with new drills, technical documents and videos.
  • Grammar, technical and general vocabulary: to increase oral and written communication.
  • Drills relating to grammar lessons.
  • Multimedia drills
  • Testing module for irregular verbs
  • Testing module vocabulary