Learn English through your passion for football

Under 16:

Learning English for those who love football! This is our goal for academies.

Designed for the academy players, Football-Spoken helps them in their progression in English by allowing them to use content based on football and its environment.

Our content is designed to accompany secondary school pupils throughout their language courses in English as a foreign language.

With Football-Spoken: learn English through passion for football: it is both a cultural and language opening through football.

Over 16:

In partnership with Ulster University:

With Football-Spoken, let’s go a step further:

Our courses can lead you to obtain a certificate from Ulster University and the validation of University Credits (5 and 10 credits) on two levels. This constitutes a real asset to prove language abilities in the technical field of football.

Our courses potentially giving access to the university credits last 5 months including ten 30-minute-one-on-one oral sessions.


  • Dynamic contents regularly updated with new drills, technical documents and videos
    • Grammar, technical and general vocabulary
    • Drills relating to grammar lessons
    • Multimedia drills
    • Testing module for irregular verbs
    • Testing module for vocabulary

At the end of the courses the continuous assessment can grant you the certificate.

University credits will be issued upon successful completion of the exam.